Watercolor birth charts

See your astrological makeup in a whole new way! Channeling the qualities of your personal chart, I translate these energies into colors, textures, and shapes to create an original artwork that is uniquely yours. Watercolor charts are painted on quality 8.5”x11” watercolor paper and customized with your name and planetary placements.. They are $50 each and can be created alongside a reading or commissioned separately.

Contact me to commission a birth chart.

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Astro Correspondence Club

Subscribe to the Astro Correspondence Club and receive a handwritten letter from Candace each month with your personalized upcoming astrological forecast. Each letter is written on a rotating collection of unique papers and stationery, with a beautiful correspondence experience in mind. Twelve-month subscriptions are $250 and six-month subscriptions are $125.

Contact me to subscribe to the astro correspondence club.


Astrology and Wellness for Radicals

A zine by candace kita

Need a metaphysical pick-me-up? Collaged and hand-lettered, this zine offers a simple guide to some of the healing superpowers -- and healing hurdles -- of each sign of the zodiac. Perfect for astro beginners and astro scholars alike, Astrology and Wellness for Radicals aims to support, guide, and empower you in your journey towards wellness and liberation.

available online at kindred post and in-person at the future and seagrape bath + Body