Candace Kita

Astrology for radicals — like you.

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Why astrology for radicals?

There’s a lot of less-than-stellar astrology out there — the kind of astrology that tries to tell you who you are and who you are destined to be. I’m not about that. You are more than just an Aries, or a Gemini, or a Scorpio. I believe in using astrology in a radical way, grounding my astrological practice in:

  • LIBERATION — using astrology in tandem with our efforts to dismantle oppression

  • color — crafting astrology by and for people of color

  • FUTURITY — activating astrology to envision bold and beautiful possibilities

  • POWER — creating astrology to nourish our spirits and empower our highest selves

I am committed to a vision of astrology that honors complexity, shifts culture, and most importantly, evolves as we do. Join me in creating astrology for radicals!


About Candace

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