Candace Kita

Astrology for radicals — like you.

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Why astrology for radicals?

I believe that you are way more than just your sun sign. Astrology is a complex study of the positions, interactions, and vibrations of each planet within a given moment in time, and the sun is just one of the many elements to explore. Because the positions of the planets — what makes your birth chart — are not repeated in the exact same way again for thousands of years, you are as unique as the moment that you were born. Your birth chart is a radical expression of your individuality, and I want to use astrology to honor that, instead of boxing you into a single sun sign. I believe in using astrology in a radical, expansive way, grounding my astrological practice in:

  • LIBERATION — using astrology in tandem with our efforts to dismantle oppression

  • color — crafting astrology by and for people of color

  • FUTURITY — activating astrology to envision bold and beautiful possibilities

  • POWER — creating astrology to nourish our spirits and empower our highest selves

I am committed to a vision of astrology that honors complexity, shifts culture, and most importantly, evolves as we do. Are you in? Let’s get radical.


About Candace

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Candace is an astrologer and cultural worker committed to elevating the stories of people of color. She is a graduate of the Portland School of Astrology, whose teachings examine astrology through the lenses of race, class, body, age, gender, sexuality, and ability and seek to infuse astrology with liberation and empathy. She has presented on astrology and wellness at the U.S. Department of Arts & Culture’s CULTURE/SHIFT convening, is a 2020 Oregon Astrological Association speaker, and is the author of the zine Astrology and Wellness for Radicals. Candace believes first and foremost in astrology as an interpretative storytelling and relationship-building technique, allowing us to redefine and retell our personal stories and explore our own innate power. Her astrological approach weaves within it her eclectic background in visual art, writing, community organizing, and nonprofit arts administration. Alongside her astrological practice, Candace serves as Cultural Strategy Director at the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO). She is a proud alumna of Scripps College, and in her spare time, she dabbles in ecstatic dance and read voraciously.